Stoneage Animations is one of the biggest animation studios in the South East (of my house), employing 50% of the inhabitants (me). I’m a fan of all sorts of animation,  but particularly from the middle years of the 20th Century. Most (but not all) of my films are designed to accompany music, either me - in the guise of my virtual (i.e. non-existent) group “The Surfivors” -  playing covers of guitar instrumentals from the 1950’s and 60’s (sense a pattern here?), or talented singer/songwriter Mark Baptist playing and singing his own compositions.   For some of the films I’ve, err, “repurposed” vintage clips that were lying about on the internet and modified/stitched them together to fit the song.   Others are my own, and some are a mixture.                  
All of the films appear on my YouTube channel playlist (click here) but you can link directly to some of them by clicking on the relevant thumbnail below. They will open in YouTube in a new, separate window.
Random bits and pieces…..
All just for fun, but if you happen to want a short animated video to go with your music -  or for any other purpose - just let me know!
Two of my films ( “A Moving Experience”  and “These Days”) won awards in the 2022 British International Amateur Film Competition and were shown as part of the Festival Weekend.